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Time to think Thanksgiving

Made it through Halloween and now we can start thinking about Thanksgiving. There will be a huge inventory in the stores trying to get you to spend money and it is really tempting. There is a lot you can do to decorate, renovate and celebrate without spending money.  The simplest way to do this is to take a walk through your garden once a week and gathering a flower / leaf / branch arrangement for your house.  more to come

Keep an eye out for dry soil.

In between the rains and even if it rains, keep an eye on plants that may be drying out.  Of course over watering causes the same symptoms as under watering so be sure to check your soil.

This is the weeds best time of year

It’s October and the weeds re starting to or already setting and distributing seeds.  This is the time to pull them for a weed free garden next spring.  Of course neither you or I will ever get them all, but by pulling you weeds before they go to seed, you reduce the population significantly.

Do a little each day rather than a lot and burning out.

Keep things interesting

  1. Plant many varieties of flowers.  The more the better I think. It is a good idea to always have flowers on every table in the house. The best way to do that is to have many flowers in the garden to choose from.